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The referral leads we have received from PMP over the last few years have been pivotal in the continued growth of our business,  over 50%  of our business now comes from the Landlords, lettings companies and chargeable customers referred through PMP.

As the leads referred to us are solid genuine leads we have found that the success rate in turning the lead into actual business is about 97%.

Simon J Appliance specialist

We started working with PMP in October 2019 and they have given us a fantastic platform to grow our business. Over the last 2 years we have built a great working relationship across all aspects of PMP and prospect, forming a hardworking team between ourselves and the property managers to make sure we attend jobs quickly and efficiently.


PMP has been amazing for me and my young family. The maintenance leads provided by them have allowed me to fully become my own boss and have allowed me the flexibility to be able to be present at all the little milestones in my children’s lives. 

They are also incredibly loyal to me personally and I feel I have a great, fun and honest relationship with each of the PMP agents. They make me want to pay that loyalty back in every job I do for them. 

Whether it be Landlords or Home owners, there is always a great variation of works to keep it interesting!

MattPMP Approved Handyman

The maintenance leads I receive from PMP, have enabled me to expand my business over the 5 years I have been using them.

It can be as much as 75% of my revenue.

The leads vary from Home owners, private Landlords and properties managed by Estate Agents.

Always a good variation of work

Martin H