Guidance for customers

The PMP website is a service, available for both private and business consumers, looking to receive quotes for maintenance work. The PMP will put you in touch with local contractors who will in turn purchase this lead and make contact to provide a quote. There are no charges to the consumer for quote requests or posting jobs on The PMP site. If the website service is showing any faults please report this to, the PMP endeavour to investigate within 48 hours business hours of notification. Once a quote is accepted, the contractors terms of business will then replace terms and conditions for The PMP Site, we strongly advise that these are read and understood prior to the works going ahead. Any complaints and issues will lie directly between the consumer and contractor from the acceptance of the quotation. As an introductory service provider, The PMP will not be held liable for any such issues or complaints.

Your personal details will be stored in our Marketing Database and as such may be used for items such as promotions or requests for Reviews, for more information, please visit our privacy policy page.