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Interior Design Ideas to Update your Home Office

2020 has been the year of the home office, with over 60% of the UK’s adult population working from home. Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, many employees have been working remotely continuously since April, and whilst some will have perfected a Pinterest-worthy home office, others are suffering from backache after eight months of working from the sofa.

Is this new regime a dream come true for you? Or is it just not your cup of tea? (Speaking of tea, is it time to put the kettle on again?)

Whether you need some fresh inspiration to boost your productivity or you are looking for some long-term changes to facilitate permanent home working, here’s some PMP Approved top tips to give your home office a new lease of life.

Make the most of the wall space in your home

You don’t need a designated room to have a chic home office. Make the most of every inch of space in your bedroom or living room by fitting a ‘floating desk’ or mounting a unit on the wall. Pop it next to your bed for a hard-working unit that acts as a desk space during the day and a bedside table by night. Or maybe you could place it in your living room for a work space that doubles up as stylish shelving at the weekend. You could even fix cupboard doors so you can shut away your office outside of working hours!

Put up panels of cork on your home office wall

Fix panels of cork above your desk for a wall that acts as a giant mind map for your ideas. Pin up anything from personal photos and mementos to important work bulletins, reminders and brainstorming sessions.

Standing Desk

Invest in a standing desk for your home office

Yes, the idea of standing all day makes us groan too. Yet experts say that standing desks could reduce back pain, lower blood pressure and even boost productivity, energy and mood. It is therefore worth investing in an adjustable height desk or a standing desk converter to allow you to change the height of your desk throughout the day so that you can work standing up for 15-30 minute intervals.

Tidy the wires in your work area

Hiding or tidying your wires is such a simple step that can transform your work space and improve productivity. There are so many ingenious ways to tidy away your wires, in keeping with your office décor and with little to no cost, including:

  • Woven or wicker baskets placed on or under your desk
  • DIY felt cord organisers
  • A shoe box wrapped in stylish wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • Hardback book covers
  • Command hooks
  • Staple gun

Desk and chalk board

Get a chalkboard wall in your home office

If homeworking is suiting you well and you are thinking of making it permanent, why not get a chalkboard wall? It is surprisingly easy to do, and the result will have you spreading your larger than life ideas on a space big enough to accommodate them.

Simply grab some chalkboard paint and a pack of chalk and you’re good to go! The ceiling is your limit.

Hide away clutter in your work area

Whether its loose files, scribbled notes or forgotten paperwork, we all have our own version of workplace clutter. Keep it concealed, using anything from an industrial filing cabinet to an upcycled bedside table. Hiding away clutter and minimising the items left on your desk surface will reduce stress levels and improve organisation.

Home Office Shelves

Invest in some wall length shelves for your home office

On the other hand, exposed wall shelving will keep all your work materials where you can see them, and force you to keep everything organised! They also allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing workspace with personal touches such as photo frames, plants and favourite books.

Go deskless in your office!

Old fashioned office desks are a thing of the past. Use a minimalist table as a desk for a simple and sophisticated work space that feels less like an office and more like a productivity station.

Under stairs desk

Turn the space under your staircase into an office area

If you’ve got plenty of space under your stairs and are looking for a fun and unique lockdown project, why not change this dead space into a workspace? Simply fit some shelves and a desk under the staircase and you have a compact workspace that will not impose on any rooms in the house. Not to mention how unique and interesting it looks!

Laptop and plants

Bring the outdoors into your work space

Or, you could just buy another plant to spruce up your home office. Real or fake, you can never have too many!

Are you in need of workspace update? Click here to get some free quotes from our PMP Approved contractors who can hit the refresh button on you home office.

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