Christian’s Top Tips For A Spring Garden

Spring has arrived, and as the sun begins to peak out from the clouds, many of us tentatively start to peer out at the winter detritus in our garden. Particularly with the lifting of lockdown restrictions on the horizon, it can seem like an overwhelming task to get the garden ready to receive loved ones […]

Sunflowers and sky

How To Grow A Sunflower

Who doesn’t love a sunflower? Known as ‘happy’ flowers, they bring smiles to our faces and can instantly lift our mood. Bees and insects love them too and their seeds make great food for birds, making them the perfect plant to attract wildlife to your garden. To celebrate the arrival of Spring and to encourage […]

Maguires Kitchen Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Afternoon Teas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with everyone celebrating at home, the demand for home-delivered afternoon teas is high! PMP have collected some scrumptious afternoon teas from our favourite local businesses, so you can surprise your mother, grandmother, or father that acts like a mother with your impeccable organisational skills! Blue Orchid bakery This bakery […]

Vacuuming Image

9 Ways Your Home Might Break The Law Without You Realising

This past year of lockdowns has seen most of us get better acquainted with our DIY kit as we set ourselves projects to while away our empty weekends. However, though the lockdown may have turned us into skilled carpenters, upcyclers and upholsterers, there are certain laws that might make you think twice before embarking on […]

Eggs benedict pancakes

Five pancake recipes to try this pancake day

We’ve tried lemon and sugar, we love a blueberry pancake, and occasionally we go all out with the bacon and maple syrup. But it’s lockdown and the kids are off with nothing to do, so maybe its time to get a bit adventurous with your pancake toppings. Here’s five recipes to elevate your pancake game […]

Woman at Home Lockdown

The local businesses helping us celebrate our birthdays in lockdown

Chances are, we’ve all had to plan a lockdown celebration by now, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or graduation. However, many will agree that January celebrations have caught the rough end of the bargain. Far from the summer lockdown which allowed for outdoor activities, the winter lockdown leaves us even more restricted and makes it […]

Windsor Walk

Christmas activities and events for kids in Berkshire

With Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire all subject to Tier 2 COVID restrictions, it is obvious that this is going to be one very unusual Christmas and many family traditions may have to go amiss. Luckily, some of our local communities and independent businesses have gone above and beyond to provide us with some COVID friendly […]

Home Office

Interior Design Ideas to Update your Home Office

2020 has been the year of the home office, with over 60% of the UK’s adult population working from home. Thanks to COVID-19 restrictions, many employees have been working remotely continuously since April, and whilst some will have perfected a Pinterest-worthy home office, others are suffering from backache after eight months of working from the […]